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How Running Makes You a Better Communicator

Running is a solitary sport. It’s you, your shoes and the road. The motivation to get out there comes from you, plus you learn things about yourself and the environment that you never noticed before. This fall I learned how … Continue reading

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School Dazed: Communications 101

Remember middle school? Boy, I do. I’m reliving those angst-filled years as the parent of a middle-school student. But the angst isn’t over my daughter; it’s over our school’s poor communications with parents. It drives me crazy. Not long ago, … Continue reading

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Lofty Aspirations

The Music Hall in Portsmouth may be 133 years old, but it’s still attracting new audiences. The theater recently opened The Loft, officially defined as a “center for performing arts, literature and education.” A lofty aspiration, but one that fits … Continue reading

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Is Blogging for the Birds?

Ever watch chickadees at a bird feeder? One bird lands, looks around to see if there are any cats or predators lurking, then he quickly pecks at the seeds. He might fly away, but the easy food lures him back. … Continue reading

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Character + Creativity = Customers

Anna Hardy Evans is a character. She’s also an artist, woodworker, welder, and an uber-do-it-yourselfer. Evans owns In-Home, a retail store in Exeter, NH, that features unusual home furnishings and gifts. Her store is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces she’s discovered … Continue reading

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